Hello, I’m Kerstin.

Aquarius・3/5 Emotional Projector・Suspected ADHD

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2005! What began as a weight loss blog turned into general musings about life and eventually led me to starting my own business as a web designer and online business educator. Click here to read more about my professional background if you are curious.

This blog is called Autumn Diaries because autumn is my favorite time of year and at 60 also the current season of my life. Born and raised in Germany (still with the accent!) I spent my 20s to early 50s travelling the world, living in four countries and moving homes 35 times. True to my Human Design 3/5 ‘life experimenter’ profile I’ve had a colorful career where I tried on many different jobs before using all that experience to start my own business in my 50s. I married my American husband on my 42nd birthday and after many more moves across the US and Europe we finally settled down in a small town in northern Washington state, just south of the Canadian border. Here we enjoy going island hopping in our plane ‘Ginger’ and sharing scrumptious German meals with friends and family. I love going for walks along the sea, riding my bicycle around Bellingham and Vancouver, curating our cozy home, and hanging out with my husband and our fluffy grey cat ‘Stinky.’

What I write about

On Autumn Diaries I muse about… life really. As an HSP and empath with suspected ‘Inattentive ADHD’ I get easily overstimulated and blogging helps me process things as I learn and experience them. I love writing about Human Design, trauma and neuroscience, the weirdness of aging as I enter my sixties, analog journaling, coming out as a wannabe gardener, as well as creating a calm and cozy life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

No subscription fee

I am not a professional writer and derive my income from my business as an online educator. Writing my personal blog on Substack is a creative outlet for me and not something I envisage ever charging for.

Thank you for joining me!

Kerstin xo

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Midlife musings from the road less travelled.


Kerstin Martin

German in the US, musing from the edge of midlife. HD Projector. Wannabe gardener. Lover of planners + journals. Calm Business Educator by day (and night, let’s be realistic). Living a calmer, slower life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.